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Toronto Drug Bust

Izak Košir
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The band stopped performing for an indefinite period of time. A reunion may – or may not – happen in the future.

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Even though it started evolving a year earlier, Toronto Drug Bust came into being in 2008. This (indie) rock band is led by its singer, songwriter and guitarist Izak Košir and has, to a considerable success, released their first album Enfant Terrible in 2010. Besides getting very positive feedback from the public as well as from the media, the band has achieved international recognition by being chosen for the Best Rock Band of 2010 Award (and also nominated – they ended up in second place – for the Band of the Year) by the international web-portal and music radio Somojo. At the first Slovenian Music Week in 2012 the band was selected to play at the Sziget and Terraneo international festivals.


The Toronto Drug Bust project has its roots in 2007, when Izak met renowned Canadian musicians Neil Layton and Rich Ragany in Ljubljana. Upon recognising a promising talent, they took him to London where they recorded some ten songs; due to the circumstances, the collaboration did not evolve and they advised Izak to connect with Rami Helin, their fellow musician from Finland. Rami became the band's producer, and after gathering a diverse set of musicians from Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, and Australia, they produced the aforementioned album. Mixed and mastered in Helsinki, it was later released by Sedvex Records for Slovenia and by American Cauldron Soundwerx and Swedish Playground Music BAM labels for distribution abroad. Notably, they were featured in the BBC Introducing with Gary Crowley, where their The Dandy Song was introduced. Besides having two promotional gigs in Finland, for now Toronto Drug Bust have mostly played at different venues and festivals in Slovenia.


The line-up for Slovene gigs at the present consists of musicians from Slovenia. Besides Izak Košir on vocals, there are Vid Polončič-Ruparčič and Tamir Gostiša on guitar, Jernej Kržič on electric bass, and Dorian Granda on drums.

{{#oembed:}} The video for the band's hit track The Dandy Song

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