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Slovenski teden glasbe (STG)
Jakčeva 8, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 40 612 111
Bojan Rojko, Public Relations

Phone386 (0) 40 612 111
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In 2013, the last edition of Slovenian Music Week was held. In a way, its aims were picked up by MENT Ljubljana, which started in 2014.

Archival article

First organised in 2012, Slovenian Music Week (STG stands for Slovenski teden glasbe) is an ambitious project with an aim to develop the Slovene musical culture and to help internationally promote its protagonists. It is organised as a week long festival with a diverse programmatic scope and is primarily intended for "performers (musicians, DJ-s), music managers, booking agents, music events organizers, club owners, music distributors, festival producers, film directors, internet companies, radio and TV stations...". The next STG is scheduled for the autumn 2014 or spring 2015.


In the course of the Slovenian Music Week there are workshops, lectures and discussions set up, elaborating on subjects such as publishing trends, music journalism, copyrights, PR strategies and other similar topics of interest for its general and specialised public. Gathering a multitude of music scene protagonists, the festival also aims to generate an atmosphere for socialising, communicating knowledge and establishing contacts, thus positively integrating the creative forces within the scene.

Concerts and partnerships

The second aspect of the festival are the concerts. In the months preceding the festival, there is a public call made for musicians to apply, presenting a selection of their work to the expert international committee. This committee chooses a selection of artists who first perform at the festival, but then also gain an opportunity to play on the festivals of partner organisations (whose representatives actually form the committee) and also get extensive media coverage and promotion in the media of the festival hosting countries.

In 2012, these festivals are Waves Vienna (Vienna, AT), Sziget Festival (Óbuda Island, Budapest, HU), Exit Festival (Novi Sad, RS) and Terraneo festival (Šibenik, HR). They have selected the Slovene bands London, Toronto Drug Bust, and Dandelion Children.

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