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Dr Zero
Kozjak pri Ceršaku 9, SI-2215 Ceršak
Phone386 (0) 2 647 6381, 386 (0) 41 832 736
Boris Bezjak

Originating with the legendary Delaware and Paragraf bands, Dr Zero is a combination of vocals, guitar, bass guitar and drums fused at Sladki Vrh into a garage rock'n'roll punk trio. Its ironic texts deal with local closeness, empty entertainment, drugs and love. After performing more than 50 concerts the first album under the title Dr Zero was recorded in 2002 and the second album Dirty Way in 2006, both recorded at Studio na meji in Ceršak, East Slovenia. The message of Dr Zero is: 'I sell my soul to rock'n'roll!' As their influences the critics mention Motorhead, AC/DC, Turbonegro, Hives and the garage rock lessons of the 60s. Dr Zero's last album, featuring Monika Lampret as a guest singer, was described as one of the best (garage) rock albums of the year.

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