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Since 2006, when they first started jamming together, the primary sound of Dubzilla has been – obviously – dub. Still, they do not stop there, and while they played some punk at the start, their current sound is also heavily influenced by rock, dance music, abstract electronics, trip hop, and a number of popular culture referencing samples.

They first gained some wider recognition when they became a part of the Club Marathon touring caravan in 2008, with some of their songs appearing on the compilation of bands that were featured that year. They've also appeared on the compilation FRAJTONDUB-2011-01 (2011, Kibla) and in the same year released their first album (DUBZILLA) on ZARŠ Records. The album gained very positive reviews and was hailed as one of the better Slovene albums coming out in that year.



After the departure of a few previous members and the arrival of a few new ones, the current collective consists of Tomaž Rifelj on drums, Črt Zorko on bass, Luka Švajger on guitar, Dejan Slak on keyboards, synthesisers, and samples, and Saša Serban on turntables. Sašo Kotnik is the sound technician and Dejan Dornik is the stage manager.

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