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Franc-Franc d.o.o.
Lendavska ulica 9, SI-9000 Murska Sobota
Phone386 (0) 2 537 1266
Franci Just, Director

In 2016 the Franc-Franc Publishing ceased its activities due to scarce public financing. Franc-Franc was an important publishing house in the region, covering mostly literature by regional writers and texts related to culture in Pomurje. See below an archival article.

Archival article

Franc-Franc Promotion Company Ltd was founded in 1992 by Franci Just and Feri Lainšček. It made its name as a catalyst for various cultural events, festivals and vivid networking in the Pomurje Region of North Eastern Slovenia.

Franc-Franc publishes around ten to fifteen works of literature and two music CDs a year, as well as dialectal books for Slovenes in the Porabje region in Hungary in cooperation with the Union of Slovenes in Hungary.

It is renowned for organising two festivals: the festival of youth literature Eye of the Word (Oko besede), where the annual Večernica Award is presented in recognition of the year's best work of youth literature, and the festival Dialekta, which brings together authors and experts in the field of dialectal literature with a view to promoting and establishing it in a broader Slovene and international literary space. Franc-Franc also organised an international meeting of authors from the Pomurje and Istra regions Literary Bridge Mura-Mirna, which focused on dialectical literature, its scope and significance. Its endeavours also include participating in national and international cultural, promotional and publishing activities and events.

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