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Društvo za kulturo in izobraževanje IMPRO
Trg prekomorskih brigad 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 41 386 382
Founded byImprovisation Society of Slovenia
Jan Hrušovar, Coordinator
Phone386 (0) 40 225 024
Mistral Majer, Coordinator
Online accounts:
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The IMPRO Association for Culture and Education aims to develop the tradition of improvisation theatre. In Slovenia the genre was first adopted by the Ana Monró Theatre in one of their shows that featured improvised scenes and songs. Subsequently, in 1994, Impro liga ("Improvisation League") was founded, which eventually developed into the more complex Improvisation Society of Slovenia.

Impro liga, ŠILA and Impro klub

The IMPRO Association now runs 3 complementary projects: Impro liga, a short-form improvisation competition; Šila ("High School Improvisation League"), an impro league for high school kids, founded in 1997; and Impro klub, established in 1999 to introduce long-form improvisation.

Šila has grown into the most popular form of theatre activity in Slovene high schools. The pupils learn the rules and techniques in three- to four-minute improvisation games through training with the help of the mentors of the Improvisation Society. Some 350 youths meet weekly for workshops and stage performances, where they learn the tricks of theatre work and improve their impro skills. A strong emphasis is put on collaborative work and creativity. The most enthusiastic Šilars take workshops at the Naked Stage International Improvisational Theatre Festival.

Impro klub comprises about 30 improvisers who regularly present their improvisation performances at KUD France Prešeren Arts and Culture Association and Španski borci Culture Centre as well as other venues and festivals.

Naked Stage Festival

The IMPRO Association also organises the Naked Stage International Improvisational Theatre Festival, an international festival of improvised theatre organised at KUD France Prešeren Arts and Culture Association since 2002.

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