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The Jararaja band was established in 2002, when its acclaimed 4 young musicians - "a melancholic violin player, a metal clarinet player, a rasta accordion player and a girl with the double bass, the strongest member" – started to play together focusing on traditional Slovene folk songs. However they "aim not to restore music but rather to apply it as hedonistic extremism". The phenomenon called Jararaja means all kind of music variants – jazz, klezmer, balkan, tango, and rock'n'roll – all of them based on folklore music. Jararaja has given many concerts around Slovenia as well as abroad (Helsinki, Berlin, Vienna and Dublin for the May 2004 EU enlargement celebrations). Jararaja's first CD appeared in January 2006.

"Jararised arrangement of Slovenian traditional song" on the Križanke stage in Ljubljana.

They released their second album Od srede do torka in 2010, again on Celinka Records. A bit more daring than before, this time they successfully took on some of the most cliché and (ab)used folk motives available. Stepping into the terrain of the oberkrainer vein of Slovene popular folk music, their playful renditions even further proved their musical versatility and the ease with which the boundaries can be crossed.


The Jararaja line-up comprises Gregor Budal (clarinet), Vasilij Centrih (violin), Janez Dovč (accordion), and Petra Trobec (double bass), all of them also vocalists. They also have got a permanent guest Sergej Ranđelović - RunJoe on percussion. Other musicians sometimes join them, as the Slovene ethno scene is very well interconnected.

Janez Dovč, the founder of the band, is also the head of Celinka Records and regularly or occasionally plays in numerous musical (folk and other) projects. He used to be a member of the internationally renowned band Terrafolk, whom he joined in 2004 and with whom he toured the world for nearly 2 years.

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