Jurij Slatkonja Music Conservatory

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Contact info
Konservatorij za glasbo Jurij Slatkonja
Smrečnikova ulica 60, SI-8000 Novo mesto
Phone386 (0) 7 384 4426
Managed byFriderik Irenej Baraga Institute
Matej Burger, Artistic Director
Phone386 (0) 7 384 4425
Mojca Jenič, Secretary
Phone386 (0) 7 384 4426

The Jurij Slatkonja Music Conservatory, situated in Slovenia's Dolenjska region, is named after the 15th-century influential Slovene composer, conductor, and bishop of Vienna, Jurij Slatkonja who is well known in the music world for the founding of the famous Viennese Boys Choir, which is since its foundation in 1498 still active today. The Music Conservatory, established in 2007 within the framework of the Novo Mesto diocese, offers its students a primary and secondary music school education as well as preschool music workshops.

Music education

The Jurij Slatkonja Music Conservatory offers specialised music education in violin, piano, organ, flute, singing, harp, music theory, and conducting, among others. Some of the conservatory's courses focus on liturgical music education with classes in Gregorian Chant. Students of the conservatory also take part in the mixed choir group.

Vocal Academy Jurij Slatkonja

The Kurij Slatkonja Vocal Academy is an association of vocalists which was created in October 2014 out of the musical activities within the Friderik I. Baraga Institute. It is composed of mostly formally educated vocalists from the Dolenjska region.

The Vocal Academy first introduced itself to the public with a series of Christmas concerts in January 2015. In the second concert cycle, they symbolically commemorated the end of World War II in remembrance to all suffering Slovenes during the war with Psalm 130 De profundis, composed by Aleš Makovc and Requiem, by the famous English composer John Rutter.


In 2019 they have started a new concert cycle project called Novo Mesto Sacral concert series (Novomeški sakralni abonma) which will offer eight sacral music concerts by internationally renowned artists.

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