Music education and research


Tinitus Institute

TINITUS Institute is committed to promoting healthy listening habits and preventing permanent hearing damage by raising awareness among individuals, particularly young people and those involved in the music environment. The organization aims to educate them about the potential risks of prolonged exposure to loud music and encourage the adoption of preventive measures to protect their hearing. TINITUS also advocates for the implementation of regulations that ensure a safe environment for performers and audiences, taking into account venue specifics and music genres. Their vision is a world where people can enjoy music without risking their hearing, and they believe that by raising awareness and collaborating with stakeholders, this vision can be achieved, positively impacting listening culture and public health.

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1-discussion-drugagodba23-zavodtinitus-Nika Hölcl Praper.jpg The first roundtable discussion on hearing protection at music events during Druga godba festival organized by Zavod Tinitus in May 2023. Experts and collaborators from the music scene came together to address the increasing importance of establishing a safer listening culture and explored potential measures to safeguard hearing from excessive sound exposure at such gatherings.

Carmina Slovenica

Best known for being a highly innovative and widely acclaimed "vocal theatre" ensemble, Carmina Slovenica also stands for a production house that deals with festival and concert organisation, musical education and publishing, and other related projects. Most of these activities are led or conceptualised by Karmina Šilec, the artistic director and conductor of the main Carmina Slovenica ensembles, distinctive for intertwining choral music with theatrical and other performing elements.

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Carmina Slovenica 2004 Adiemus Photo Ziga Koritnik.jpg Carmina Slovenica, Adiemus, 2004

International Saxophone Meeting 2013 Solo performance Photo Matej Vidmar.jpg