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Since its first expansion in the 19th century, choral music has been one of the most widespread musical genres in Slovenia. In Slovenia there is only one professional choir, the Slovene Chamber Choir, next to the semi-professional (RTV Slovenia Chamber Choir), and the two opera choirs (in Ljubljana and Maribor). On the other hand, there are quite a few amateur choirs, many of which have achieved international acclaim, for instance, the Academic Choir Tone Tomšič of the University of Ljubljana, Carmina Slovenica, and the Vokalna akademija Ljubljana.

The choral music section of the Music Programme at the Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia is one of the most important organisations dedicated to education and development in the field, with Mihela Jagodic as a head advisor for vocal music. The Public Fund for Cultural Activities has also initiated some significant national and regional events, among them, the Naša pesem Choir Competition has become the most representative festival in Slovenia. Since 2002 it has been complemented by the International Choral Competition in Maribor.

The Society of Slovene Composers founded the section for chamber music in 2012, also to encourage the creation of new choral works by Slovene composers and to care for traditional Slovene choral literature.

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