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Slovenski komorni zbor
Krekov trg 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 241 0800
Martina Batič, Artistic Director of the Choir
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The Slovene Chamber Choir is the only choir in Slovenia which is made up of paid, professional singers. The choir prepares its own a capella concert series in the hall of the in the Slovene Philharmonic and also collaborates with Slovene Philharmonic and RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra in performances of larger vocal-instrumental compositions.


The choir was founded in 1991 as a professional choir on the initiative of the conductor Mirko Cuderman, who lead it until September 2009. The 2009/2010 Season choir began under new leadership, with Martina Batič as an assistant to the director for the choir, and German conductor Steffen Schreyer as its chief conductor. At first the Slovene Chamber Choir was an independent organisation, but nowadays is an individual organisational unit within the Slovene Philharmonic.


The choir presents approximately 30 performances per concert season. It focuses on vocal-instrumental and a cappella music concerts within the Vocal season series of the Slovene Philharmonic, and is regularly active in vocal-instrumental projects in cooperation with Slovene and foreign orchestras. The choir's concert repertoire includes standard works by composers of all historical periods but has offered also many premières of Slovene and foreign authors' works. Notably, most of the programme within the Vocal season series has been new to the home audience.

The choir has released 30 CDs of Slovene sacred music under the name Musica Sacra Slovenica; it also records for the Radio-Television Slovenia and regularly works with Zagreb Concert Management. The collection Slovene Choir Music already now contains 56 recordings.

The Slovene Chamber Choir has performed with numerous foreign choirmasters, including E. Ericson, T. Kaljuste, G. Theuring, J. Scheidegger, H. Leenders, and the vocal-instrumental music concerts offered many great opportunities for the choir to sing under the baton of renowned Slovene and foreign orchestra conductors (M. Horvat, K. Penderecki, H. Haenchen, U. Gronostay, T. Guschlbauer, R. Muti).

International performances and cooperation

The Slovene Chamber Choir has performed numerous concerts abroad, including performances in Aquileia, Cividale, Graz, Innsbruck, Budapest, Milano, Zagreb, Krems, Nürnberg, Varaždin, Salzburg, Itzehoe, Eutin, Amsterdam and Utrecht.

The ensemble has performed at several European festivals (Aquileia – Incontri musicali 92 in 93, Čedad – Mittelfest 92, Fiecht – Europasommer 92, Nürnberg – Musica sacra 95, Dubrovnik Festival 95, Eutin and Itzehoe – Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival 98). It participated in the Peace in Central Europe Concert in Budapest in 1993, in the European symposium for choir music in Ljubljana in 1995, and was also involved with the Mahler–Wien–Amsterdam project in Amsterdam and Utrecht in 2000.

The Slovene Chamber Choir is a regular guest at the festival Varaždin Baroque Evenings, and was also bestowed with the Ivan Lukačić prize there in 1994, 1995, 2000, and 2006. Furthermore, the choir received the Porin Award for best larger ensemble within the Croatian discography 2002. In 2006, the choir was honoured with the highest award for foreign artists: Listina Republike Hrvatske (the Certificate of the Republic of Croatia) for the maintenance of Croatian music heritage.

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Slovenski komorni zbor +
SI-1000 Ljubljana +
The Slovene Chamber Choir is the only choir in Slovenia which is made up of paid, professional singers. +
The Slovene Chamber Choir is the only choir in Slovenia which is made up of paid, professional singers. +
Ljubljana +
SI-1000 +