Keltika International Festival


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Contact info
Mednarodni festival Keltika
Trg prekomorskih brigad 1, SI-5282 Cerkno
Phone386 (0) 5 374 5334
Fax386 (0) 5 374 5334
Organised byJazz Cerkno Institute

Launched in 2003, the Keltika International Festival is a concert series which seeks to enrich the cultural scene along the Keltika road (from Logatec to Nova Gorica) with a year-round series of international concerts featuring many different groups and genres.

From the point of common sense everything about the event's title is misleading ("Celtic" connotations; the "festival" denotation) – but the international character of the concert series in the old square and in Pr Gabrijelu ("At Gabriels") bar holds water.

Keltika hosted many domestic and foreign bands, well-known musicians, and fresh forces on the music scene. In the years 2009–2010 Keltika has presented performances by Bratko Bibič & The Madleys (SI), The Vandermark Five (US), Marco Cappelli (IT/US), Sex Mob with DJ Olive (US), Kar Češ Brass Band (SI), Katalena (SI), the duo Bojan Gorišek/Milko Lazar (SI), and Salamandra Salamandra (SI).

Boštjan Cvek (1964–2015) should be mentioned as a co-founder and spiritus movens of the Keltika and Jazz Cerkno festival, respectively.

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