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Contact info
Mladinski center Kotlovnica
Fužine 10, SI-1241 Kamnik
Phone386 (0) 70 405 484
Rok Kosec, Director
Phone+386 41 360 399
Online accounts:

Situated on the edge of Kamnik, a lively medieval town in Central Slovenia, Kotlovnica (Slovenian for "boiler room") Youth Centre was established in 2007. It has been promoting music, culture, health, sports, and education as well as addressing social, housing, employment, and youth mobility issues ever since.

Programme and activities

Kotlovnica is dedicated to the strengthening of an active lifestyle and offers a space for the free exchange of ideas, knowledge, and culture. It is first and foremost a youth organisation that is run by the Kamnik Culture House and is located in their underground floor. Kotlovnica operates a steady programme of concerts, improvisational theatre, workshops (video, photography, language courses, stage engineering, creative writing, visual arts), and lectures. It aims to inform, to impart knowledge and experience, to develop positive attitudes, and to encourage free-time social gatherings for youth. They also tackle social issues, youth mobility, and health, housing and employment opportunities for youth (at home and abroad).

In May 2014, the Kotlovnica crew launched Radio Kamn'k in collaboration with Rudolf Maister Grammar School of Secondary Education Kamnik. Radio Kamn'k is a local radio station run by the school's students on the Kotlovnica premises. Kotlovnica also hosts a series of events titled Greeting from the Boiler (Pozdrav iz kotla) which is an annual social event for youth and includes concerts, workshops, sporting activities, and competitions. The Kotlovnica crew collaborated with the Municipality of Kamnik in organising and promoting the City of the Youth ('Mesto mladih') event in June 2014.

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