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Contact info

Dom kulture Kamnik
Fužine 10, SI-1240 Kamnik
Phone386 (0) 1 839 7606, 386 (0) 41 360 399
Managed byMunicipality of Kamnik
Goran Završnik, Managing Director
Phone386 (0) 41 580 818
Juš Milčinski, Programme Director
Phone386 (0) 31 775 700

The Kamnik Culture House was built in 1953 as a cinema hall and also as a kitchen and canteen for nearby factory workers. After reconstruction work in 2002, the centre, located on the outskirts of Kamnik, became the seat of the Priden Možic Cultural Association, which also runs its programme. The centre also co-produces and organises Kamfest.

In total the Kamnik Culture House hosts more than 100 events each year, including drama, puppetry, and comedy, however, it focuses on presentation of works for children and youth. It hosts guest performances from Ptuj City Theatre, Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, Mladinsko Theatre, Glej Theatre, Špas Theatre, and Theatre 55, and produces up to 4 in-house stage performances with local theatre groups. In 2004 it co-organised the presentation of The Ghost Town, a youth performing arts workshop exchange project supported by EU funding, which resulted in a multimedia interactive performance created by young performers from Poland, Italy, Austria, and Slovenia. As the theme was cultural heritage, it was performed at Mali grad, Zaprice Castle and some other historical venues.


  • type of venue: multipurpose hall
  • main use: stage performances, concerts, seminars, lectures, screenings, public events
  • seating: 300 seats total, plus 70 seats for performers/orchestra
  • lighting: 24-channel manual control, 96-channel Lite-Puter computer control, 4x PC beamers 1000W, 5 x profile beamers 1000W, 6 x PAR beamers 850W
  • sound: Soundcraft mixer (8 x microphone input 2 x stereo input with in-built multi-effect), 2 x Electrovoice PA audio system 650W, 2 x Electrovoice active monitor sound system 150W; 8-channel multicore link, 2 monitor lines (pre- or post-fader), 2 x condensing microphones AKG C-1000S, 3 x dynamic microphones (EV, Shure, Fender), remote wireless microphone AKG VBS 51
  • backstage: dressing rooms accommodating 15 persons total
  • availability: performance/rehearsal availability on request

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