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Contact info
Kulturni vrt Katzenberg
Managed byPriden Možic Cultural Association
Goran Završnik, Co-founder and co-manager
Phone386 (0) 41 580 818

Set in a 19th century mansion, the Cultural Garden Katzenberg is located on the grounds of a former gun powder facility in the town of Kamnik. A multifunctional and flexible centre for artistic endeavours, Katzenberg spreads across 1800 square meters with an additional enclosed garden.

The garden is used for events, from theatre performances to music concerts. Indoors (with its 70 odd rooms) there is a gallery space, several offices, a library, a common room with for board and video games, and several spaces rented out to various cultural producers and individual artists as studios and storage places. There are also a couple of rooms meant for resident artists, all in all able to host about 20 people. The place is also used as a provisional museum, temporarily storing artefacts that relate to the former powder factory.


Set up in 2017 as a joint endeavour of several artistic collectives, the Katzenberg mansion used to be the headquarters of the powder factory since mid 19th century. After the gradual disintegration of the powder and chemical business, the factory closed down in 2012.

The mansion itself was bought by a private company, Iskra Mehanizmi. As it is near the Kamnik Culture House it was occasionally used for its various endeavours. However, in 2016 several cultural activists and organisations rented the whole place and kick-started its renovation. It is now a self-financed and self-managed project, open for various types of collaboration.


The place has up until now been used as one of the main venues for the festival Kamfest and partly also for the Klovnbuf Festival.

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