Visual arts studios, workshops and residencies


Švicarija Art Centre

Occupying the premises of a renovated, early 20th-century hotel, Švicarija Art Centre is a newly established arts venue in Ljubljana. Opening its doors in May 2017, it is managed by the International Centre of Graphic Arts, situated in its immediate vicinity – in the very heart of Ljubljana's Tivoli Park.

Set out to be a multi-purpose venue, Švicerija – with its 2 living and 3 residency apartments alongside a dozen production spaces – is foremost meant for resident and visiting artists. However, there is also an exhibition space as well as a cafeteria.

Svicarija Art Centre 2017 Renovated exteriror Photo Urska Boljkovac.jpgThe renovated exterior of Švicarija Art Centre, a new residency and exhibition venue for visual arts reopened in 2017.

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Svicarija Art Centre 2017 Renovated exteriror Photo Urska Boljkovac.jpg


In 2011 the GuestRoomMaribor, the first Artist-in-Residence platform in Maribor for international artists was opened at the Pekarna Cultural Centre, run by the Pekarna Magdalena Network. During the Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012 the GuestRoom hosted several young international artists with an aim of establishing Maribor as an incubator of new ideas. Today the the GuestRoomMaribor is a highly profiled programme for the so-called curated residencies, local communiy-based projects and hybrids between art and research being preferred.

The project is a coproduction of Pekarna Cultural Centre, Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Maribor, and Narodni dom Maribor in collaboration with Maribor cultural producers.

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