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Mladinski center Krško (MC Krško)
Cesta krških žrtev 105, SI-8270 Krško
Phone386 (0) 7 488 2286
Mitja Valentinc, Director

Krško Youth Centre opened in September 2003. It encourages and develops cultural and educational programmes paying special attention to voluntary youth work, active participation of young people. The MC Club has become a vibrant venue of concerts of different musical genres, theater and stand-up comedy performances, workshops and lectures. The hostel Krško offers pleasant ambience for creative visitors of all generations; space is adapted for disabled people.

Posavje Multimedia Centre (MMC Posavje)

MMC Posavje was a programming unit attached to Krško Youth Centre, that made a part of M3C Multimedia Centres Network of Slovenia. At the time the MMC provided free Internet access and information technology equipment for digital video and audio production, graphic design and software development as a creative resource for members of the public. Several educational and intermedia artistic projects were organised in its numerous facilities: a cyber café with the gallery, a multimedia studio with two music practice rooms, a computer project room and a multimedia multifunctional lecture room.

Troblja portal

The cultural portal has been operated by MMC Posavje since 2003 in order to announce the latest creative happenings in the Posavje region. It is one of the sources for the aggregated database of cultural events.

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