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Contact info
Lutkovno gledališče Kranj
Tomšičeva 22, SI-4000 Kranj
Boštjan Sever, Head
Phone386 (0) 40 756 758
Janja Rehberger Cerkvenik, Public Relations
Phone386 (0) 51 606 220

As the one-man ensemble known as Kranj Puppet Theatre, Cveto Sever (1948–2018), the first puppeteer soloist, has been creating puppetry shows for children and adults since the 1976, and Boštjan Sever has carried on the tradition in the 90s. The performances are based on a play between a puppeteer and a puppet, while the narrative is intertwined with music and movement.

Kranj Puppet Theatre stages a special programme of puppetry performances at Khislstein Castle, especially during the Khislstein Festival which takes place during the annual Carniola Festival, Summer in Kranj. It has cooperated with the Gruppe Ultra ensemble, KUD France Prešeren Arts and Culture Association, Konj Puppet Theatre. Boštjan Sever cooperated as an animator in the short film Daddy, Look! by Marko Derganc and Andrej Rozman Roza.

Kranj Puppet Theatre collaborates in the production of new performances with various other groups, including Nebo Puppet Theatre, and appears at puppetry festivals in Slovenia, such as Lutke International Puppet Festival, etc.

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