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KvinTon (kvinton is a kind of grape) is a group renowned in the annals of Slovene popular music for its extraordinary melodies and free performing style. Drawing on influences ranging from blues and rock to swing, ethno and alternative music, its songs deal with life, destiny, failure, love and wine. The group has been well received at student parties, rock concerts, open-air festivals, clubs and bars as well as in gallery spaces. Two video clips of its songs are quite popular – Dotik ljubezni [Touch of Love], directed by Jan Cvitkovič, and Gusl, created by video artist Neven Korda from independent video production company Zank. Kvinton are: Robert Belšak (drums), Goran Podgorelc (double bass), Dejan Bračko (guitar, violin), Boštjan Koren (guitar), Marjan Bone (accordion, vocals), and Igor Mešič (guitar). The first album Lovci Sreče (2001) and their subsequent albums Razirklinga (2008) and Balade na bledečih tleh (2011, in collaboration with the poet Borut Gombač) were published by Akord Records from Subkulturni azil.

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