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  • 26 August 2018
    Concerts by Container Doxa and Litošt at the Johannesburg Fest in Ivanić-Grad, Croatia

Litošt consists of three young Slovene musicians, primarily jazz, who are exploring digital and analogue electronic sounds, combining their complex musical forms with pure improvisations and live experimentation.

Litošt self-released their début album in March 2013 and immediately gained a positive critical reception. The promotional concert following the record release in Menza pri koritu was their first live appearance with the new line-up and was quickly followed by a show where they opened for American neo-post-punk band The Soft Moon. Since then, Litošt has played at various venues and festivals throughout Slovenia and abroad, including Sajeta Creative Camp in July 2013. Since the band plays all their electronic parts live, their live performances are never the same, which makes every Litošt show a unique experience.

Background and members

Litošt was formed in 2006 as a psychedelic experimental guitar-synth duo by Boštjan Franetič and Vitja Balžalorsky – one of the most productive, established and recognised jazz guitar musicians of the younger generation. His musical expression as a guitarist varies from free jazz to experimental electronic vibes to mainstream modern jazz, while he is also fond of analogue synthesis and experimenting with different old-school synthesisers in bands such as Zlatko Kaučič Kombo, Balžalorsky / Drašler 3o, Buche 4, and the legendary metal band Ophidian.

Current members are Balžalorsky and Boštjan Simon (TRUS!, Vanilla Riot) on electronics and Bojan Krhlanko (also part of Stroj Machine, Free Willys, and other jazz line-ups) on drums, both of them joining quite quickly after Franetič's hiatus in 2012.


One of the hardest parts in defining Litošt is their musical expression. Critics have tried hard to define Litošt by using various terms like IDM and progressive or lucid rock, but the band members have strongly rejected all genre labels. Rather than putting Litošt in yet another wrong genre category it's better to try to comprehend their music in the context of a band. Hence, the significance of Litošt's music is found in its details, originating from various new and historical genres, and a great mutual chemistry among all three members.

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