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Contact info
Splošna knjižnica Ljutomer
Glavni trg 1, SI-9240 Ljutomer
Phone386 (0) 2 584 1236
Fax386 (0) 2 581 1758
Managed byLjutomer Institute for Culture and Education
Silva Kosi, Head

Ljutomer Public Library is housed in the old Town Hall (Mestna hiša) at Glavni trg square in Ljutomer and its origin dates back to 1893. The 560-square-metre library incorporates a 16-seat reading room and offers a wide range of literature to its users (70,000 monograph units and 70 periodicals). It functions as a classical library and as a multimedia information centre for the school population and other communities living in Ljutomer, Razkrižje, Veržej, and Križevci.

In addition to library activities the public institute also engages in museum, gallery and cinematography activities taking place at Ljutomer Culture House, which is run by the library. The museum comprises a general collection about Ljutomer (called Lotmerk) and the Prlekija Region, the Tabor Movement Collection as well as the Karol Grossmann Collection.

Ljutomer Town Hall

Dating from 1833, Ljutomer Town Hall is a seven-axial, two-storey building with a triangular wing pavilion, articulated at the bottom with Tuscan columns and ending in a triangular, richly-profiled gable with an original clock in the centre. The entrance portal dates from 1837 and has two Tuscan columns, an accentuated balcony and an original balustrade with the town's coat-of-arms.

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