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Mantuanijeva nagrada
Aškerčeva 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 241 1440
Gregor Pompe, President

Mantuani Award 2010 Marija Bergamo Photo Lavre Primož.jpgprof. dr. Marija Bergamo, Mantuani Award winner, 2010

The Mantuani Award, named after one of the first Slovene musicologists, Josip Mantuani (1860–1933), has been bestowed by the Slovene Musicological Society since 2004 for exceptional contributions in the field of musicology and can be given to any musicologist active in Slovenia. The award is bestowed every second year.

The award consists of two documents: the Mantuani Award is given for the life achievements in the field of musicology and the Mantuani Recognition is given for exceptional achievements. The executive board names the expert commission which selects the winners among the written proposals.

Till now the Mantuani Award has been given to Andrej Rijavec (2004), Primož Kuret (2006), Jože Sivec (2008), and Marija Bergamo (2010), and the Mantuani Recognition has been given to Gregor Pompe (2006).

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