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Contact info
Muzej Mengeš
Trdinov trg 10, SI-1234 Mengeš
Phone386 (0) 1 729 1003
Fax386 (0) 1 729 1004
Managed byFranc Jelovšek Cultural Association
 Municipality of Mengeš
Janez Škerlep, Director
Phone386 (0) 31 395 719

The Mengeš Museum, founded in 1995 with an aim to collect, document, conserve, restore, and exhibit local cultural heritage, has its predecessor in the Local Museum Mengeš which was abolished together with the Municipality of Mengeš in 1958 and the collections lost or demolished. It hosts in the former curacy in Mengeš and also engages in research work and publishing.

Collections and exhibitions

The museum comprises collections on geology, palaeontology, natural science, several historical periods , biographies, and various activities. It manages two temporary exhibition venues, Galerija mežnarija and Galerija klet. Some previous exhibitions include: The Oldest Slovenian Beer and its Story (2008) about Julij Stare Brewery from the 19th century in Mengeš and other old breweries in Slovenia; the archaeological exhibition Avar? (2002) on excavation in Mengeš; the historical exhibition Settlement Images of Mengeš and Surroundings (1999). Exhibitions of art works created at Jelovšek Art Meeting are regularly on display as well as of different artists such as Lojze Perko, Nataša Prestor, and Miki Muster.


In 2001 the Kranj Regional Office of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia authorised the Mengeš Museum to supervise machine excavation for the municipal infrastructure on Maistrova and Zadružniška streets in Mengeš, since inhabitants had found some archeological remains. Only a few articles found their way to the Kamnik Intermunicipal Museum, which formerly had jurisdiction over this area. A total of 16 graves were excavated by December 2001: four inhumations and 12 cremations. One grave is attributed to the period after 600 AD, the stag tine characterising it as the grave of an Avar soldier. The other three inhumation graves are presumably also from the same period.

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