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Nova Muska. Revija za glasbe, muzike in godbe
Cesta 27. aprila 31, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Published bySociety for the Study of Popular Music
Jože Vogrinc, Managing Editor
Tit Podobnik, Editor in Chief
Ičo Vidmar, Associate Editor
Online accounts:
facebook is an online magazine written by one of the best independent music publicists in Slovenian language only. The content is available under the Creative Commons licence. It evolved from the terminated bi-monthly music magazine Muska (1996–2009). In 2010, Muska was replaced by the more classically and locally oriented Glasna, while in May 2010 the former Muska collective of editorial staff, writers, and photographers launched a new version of the magazine. The lack of financial sources forced them to publish an online version of the magazine, but nevertheless, they considered it to be a continuation of the old Muska, hence the name nova ("new").


The Slovene branch of Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI) has published over forty volumes of music publications in various forms and contents, starting with the newspaper Glasbena mladina, the magazines GM, Muska, and now Glasna. Regardless of different forms, editors and writers of the magazines' volumes are continuous, for example, the first number of Glasna was published under the forty-first volume.

Muska was a reputable music magazine, devoted to criticism, news, interviews, and photography from the music world. Its focus was on the Slovene and world music scene, covering numerous genres from classical music, jazz, world music, music soundtracks to more or less independent music, such as rock, hip hop, or electronic music. continues in this vein.

Content and editorial principles

The writers of are considered some of the best Slovene music publicists, and contribute their articles on an unpaid, volunteer basis. Their collective consists of about 50 people and some of them are associated with Radio Študent. They believe offers not only a platform through which writers can be independent in their writing, it also offers the readers quality free content. They do not restrain themselves with the music genres nor with the locality of the music. They continue with a critical analysis of music, by being informative, educational, and theoretical. While their contributions are scarcer compared to the printed Muska, they organise interesting public discussions on the current Slovene music scene that are also available for download under the Podcast section. In the end of April 2012 they released a CD collection of all 13 volumes of the Muska magazine, which is available for download on their website, in the Podcast section under number 16.

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