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Although Orkestrada was formally established in 2010, it had actually been growing for some time before with Rada Kikelj Drašler writing poems that became the band's material for its lyrics. For the past decade Rada was simultaneously thinking about the melodic form of her poetry, and when reciting them at literary events, she sometimes sung her poems and was occasionally even accompanied by a guitar player. Out of this grew Orkestrada, and besides Rada as the leader, lyricist, singer, and trumpet player, the band consists of Thierno Diallo (contrabass), Boštjan Franetič (electric guitar), Vid Drašler (drums), Boris Magdalenc (Hang), Matija Krečič (violin), Asja Grauf (flute) and Nina Kodrič (alto flute). Being a relatively big ensemble, Orkestrada is not burdened by its numbers and can also perform in smaller formations, even as a trio or a duet.

Their first album was released on a Radio Študent (RŠ) label in 2011 and is called Spusti [Release]. Although the band is still young, their début album is a mature and well-thought out work, in which jazz, chanson, blues, ethno, cabaret, funk, and other genres intertwine in surprisingly consistent ways, accentuating its poetic content as well as embarking on more daring musical ventures. The album has gotten them very favourable reviews and since its release they have played at a number of club venues.

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