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Contact info
Marnova 16, SI-1410 Zagorje ob Savi
Phone386 (0) 41 320 150
Fax386 (0) 3 563 4564
Mitja Tori, Manager
Phone386 (0) 41 320 150
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Established in 1989 in Zagorje ob Savi, the band Orlek is one of the longest standing rock bands in Slovenia, continuously performing, touring, and recording since its inception. The band, which takes it name after a hill at the very edge of Zagorje, plays a distinctive strand of rock music, heavily influenced by rural popular musics, that encompasses a whole variety of genres and was somewhere described as "folk-ethno-polka-metal-rock-punk-chanson-blues-country-reggae-pop". Elsewhere, they have named their music "knap'n'roll" (knap is a local expression for "miner"), as their lyrics often deal with themes of their local social situation and a lot of their songs have been devoted to the hard life of a miner.


They have recorded 10 CDs to-date. With their 2011 release, Anduht (meaning "anniversary" in the local dialect), they also released some videos and a special documentary, Orlek goes to Pakistan, alongside the audio recording. In 2012, they released their latest album Repete, which features acoustic covers of their older and less popular songs, giving them an additional swing, jazz, and Dixieland twist.

Gigs, festivals, and awards

The ensemble has presented their music literally all over the world. Some of the festivals they have visited are Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt (DE), Folkherbst (DE), Musik Fest Bethlehem (USA), Chaoyang Spring Carnival (CN), Folk Fiesta (PO), Fringe festivals (AU, NZ), WOM festivals and – of course – numerous festivals in Slovenia (Druga Godba Festival, Lent Festival, Rock Otočec). They also played in Pakistan, South America, Hungary, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, etc. Well-known for their club concerts, they have even performed in the legendary CBGB club in New York City.

Orlek has received several awards, such as: the Golden Bird Award from the Liberal Academy of Slovenia and the Slovene Grammy (Zlati petelin or "Golden Rooster") for their album Salamurca and the song "To Kum".


The band members of Orlek are: Vlado Poredoš (vocals, guitar); Jure Tori (keyboards, accordion); Bojan Bergant (guitar); Matej Fele (guitar); Mitja Tori (bass guitar, double bass); Sašo Marn (drums); Kristijan Adamlje (saxophone); Ečo Matko (trombone), and Jan Adamek (trumpet). The latter joined the band in 2012 to replace the now-deceased trumpeter and founder of the band, Janez Tori.

Their accordionist Jure Tori is otherwise one of the most active and also accomplished accordionists in Slovenia. He has recorded 5 albums and collaborated with the singers Bogdana Herman and Marjan Bone, the Austrian bassist Ewald Oberleitner, the Argentinian guitarist Eduardo Contizanetti, and the Indian percussionist Ganesh Anandan. He is also a member of the band Flora&Paris and the artistic director of Jazzagorje World Accordion Festival.

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