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Predihano, cikel nove glasbe
Prešernova 10, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 241 7147
Ingrid Gortan, Classical Music, Opera and Ballet Programme Manager

Phone386 (0) 1 241 7160

The Predihano Series of New Music is a cycle of concerts devoted to contemporary music organised by the Cankarjev dom Culture and Congress Centre. First organised in 2008, each year it brings 6 concert events: different chamber and vocal concerts, often combined with pedagogical presentations of contemporary music or interviews with composers or performers of New Music. The programme covers the main modernistic pieces (P. Boulez, L. Berio) from the second half of the 20th century and contemporary works, featuring important Slovene musicians (Karmina Šilec, Nina Prešiček, Marko Hatlak, Ernö Sebastian) and foreign ensembles (Tambucco, Insomnio). The 2010 festival was thematically linked to the composers of the so-called "spectral school". The artistic leader of the Predihano Series was Steven Loy, who conducted the newly formed ensemble Neofonia.

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