RDEČI NOSKI Clowndoctors

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Rdeči noski Slovenija
Vojkova cesta 4, SI-1210 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 080 8898, 386 (0) 4 196 7967
Tomaž Lapajne Dekleva, Clowndoctors Coordinator

The association RDEČI NOSKI Clowndoctors was established in 2004. Fifteen art professionals or clowndoctors regularly bring laughter and good will to children as well as to geriatric and rehabilitation patients in hospitals, care facilities, and medical institutions all over Slovenia. The art director Eva Škofič Maurer (a.k.a. Dr Sfrčkljana) runs the association since its inception under the Vienna-based umbrella organisation Red Noses International. The RDEČI NOSKI Clowndoctors cooperate with partners abroad (Austria, France) and attend workshops at the International School of Humour (ISH).

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