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Contact info
Račka - Galerija erotike
Gosposka 3/II, SI-3000 Celje
Phone386 (0) 3 426 5162
Fax386 (0) 3 428 7931
Managed byCeleia Celje Institute - Centre for Contemporary Arts
Irena Čerčnik, Curator
Phone386 (3) 426 5156

Racka Gallery 2010 Performance Ways of love Photo Robert Ograjensek.JPG

The Račka Gallery of Erotic Art, a branch of the Celeia Celje Institute - Centre for Contemporary Arts, is the first erotic art gallery in Slovenia which presents art that challenges gender divisions, morality, pornography, feminism, and new artistic as well as social trends. It was opened in the second floor of the former peep show space Račka (duckling) in 2005 and has retained part of the original furnishing and equipment. Entrance is permitted to adults only.


With approximately 4 exhibitions annually, the Račka Gallery features mostly solo exhibitions of Slovene and international artists addressing erotic themes. In 2008 Slovene artist of the older generation Drago Tršar exhibited his erotic opus of small sculptures and works in other media that he has been developing since 1954. In summer 2009 the Croatian artist Vlasta Delimar and her partner Milan Božić re-enacted the happening Tactile communication (for Jerman) [Taktilna komunikacija (za Jermana)] from 1981. Solo exhibitions featured in 2010 included Ana Čigon, the winner of the 2009 OHO Group Award, the performance Une façon d'aimer [Poti ljubezni] by Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič, and paintings of Boštjan Plesničar.

In 2018 first edition of a humorous and critical, seductive and provocative two-day Duckling Festival was set, focusing on the relationship between art and sexuality. Its title was : "Production of Desire and Pleasure". Račka Gallery was one of the venues of Celje FOKUS Festival in its 2019 edition dedicated to everyday banallity which addresses issues of photography and visual culture in relation to the ordinary, the everyday, the famous, the boring and the bizarre.

Ugly Duckling Collection

The Ugly Duckling Collection (Zbirka Grda Račka) is the foundation of the Račka Gallery's future Museum of Erotic Objects and is based on (mostly) anonymous donations. Part of it is on permanent display in the gallery. It commenced with a public call for contributions, addressing anybody who wanted to share all kinds of objects which mediated erotic (personal) experiences, memories, or similar. Along with photographs, videos, letters, gifts, souvenirs, and year-long diary about 154 lovers by an anonymous woman, the Ugly Duckling Collection consists of personal objects from the popular Slovene porno diva La Toya.

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