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Red Five Point Star are a ska band from Trbovlje in the Zasavje region. They were established in 1998 by cousins Uroš and Jernej Grahek. At that time, they were still predominantly a punk-rock band. Later, they started adding elements of ska, swing, rockabilly and surf-rock to their music, which they eventually started calling "dirty ska", and grew into a 6-piece. They are one of the most active bands in Slovenia and regularly tour abroad; most notably they were invited to do a tour with The Toasters.

Red Five Point Star's official video for "Trbowska", a song portraying life in their home town from their 2011 album Worst Case Scenario.


Red Five Point Star started out by playing mostly local clubs and festivals. They made their first notable appearance in 2001 when they entered the Slovene music competition Kdo bo osvojil Triglav? (Who Will Climb Triglav?) and made it to the finals. After that they soon appeared on various song compilations. They released their first album In Colour in 2005 and began touring abroad (Germany, France, Italy, the Balkan states). Red Five Point Star started touring relentlessly and quickly became one of the most well-known Slovene bands touring internationally. They have had some lineup changes, but their core remains solid and devoted to live performances at home and abroad.

While they usually release their music at Kapa Records, they also released their 2011 album on the American label Megalith Records.

Touring and collaborations

In March 2006, members of RFPS went on a month-long international Exchange Tour 2 which enabled them to play 12 concerts (8 in France, 2 in Italy, 1 in Slovenia, and 1 Croatia) with 4 other bands from different countries.

Also in 2006, the band were invited to perform on Izštekani (Unplugged), a programme of Val 202 devoted to stripping musicians of their electricity and introducing them in their most raw form.

One of the highlights of their numerous tours that ensued were two stints in South Africa. In 2010, they were joined by We Can't Sleep at Night on the second one of them.

Their dedication to live shows is also evident from the fact that they eagerly accept any concert invitation. This paid off in an invitation to do a "test" European tour together from Robert "Bucket" Hingley, founder of Megalith Records, and The Toasters, one of the most prominent ska bands in the world. Hingley was quickly convinced of the band's live potential and invited Red Five Point Star to also do a tour of the South-East United States in 2011.

The inaugural collaboration between the two bands took place at the 2011 edition of Punk Rock Holiday festival in Tolmin, Slovenia. The bands performed together onstage to wild acclaim. This was followed by the release of their latest record Worst Case Scenario on Megalith Records and the above mentioned US tour with the Toasters.

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Red Five Point Star are a ska band from Trbovlje in the Zasavje region. +
Red Five Point Star are a ska band from Trbovlje in the Zasavje region. +