We Can't Sleep at Night

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We Can't Sleep at Night

We Can't Sleep at Night had been conceived somewhere between the echoes of post-punk and the rising tide of power disco in 2004. Originating from the musically prolific town of Trbovlje they were active in the studio and in concerts for almost ten years. This three-piece band thrived on distorted guitar sound, catchy bass riffs and relentless vocals that can burst into a glistening frenzy at any given time.

The video for "Unbelievable" from their performance at Nada Žagar Youth Club (MKNŽ) Ilirska Bistrica.


The story of We Can't Sleep at Night is a story about friendship that was tightly bound together by music. Brothers Jure and Marko Lavrin joined forces with Gašper Vozelj in 2004 in their home towns of Trbovlje and Kisovec. Their academic pursuits took them to different parts of Slovenia but they remained together as a band. Later, Primož Vozelj joined them as a live sound technician. They performed and recorded in this formation until the second half of 2013 when they officially disbanded.


Although not always easy to categorise, the band performed many concerts somewhere at the junction of post-punk, new wave, and power pop. They gained attention by performing at the Club Marathon in 2006. They later played with internationally acclaimed bands such as Interpol, MGMT, New Young Pony Club, The Islands and !!! (Chk Chk Chk), performed at the Nevermind – Tribute to Nirvana event which was held in September 2011 at Gala Hala Summer Stage, did a three-week tour of South Africa in 2010 and played at Trnfest and Terraneo Festival. In 2011, they performed at "Izštekani" (Unplugged), a programme of Radio Slovenia Second Channel - VAL202 that showcases popular musical artists playing only acoustic instruments.


We Can't Sleep at Night were: Gašper Vozelj playing bass guitar and synths, Jure Lavrin (now a member of Vortex Magnolia, Napravi mi dete and Nina Bulatovix) playing drums, Marko Lavrin (also a member of Vortex Magnolia and Napravi mi dete) playing guitar, singing, writing lyrics, and Primož Vozelj handling live sound.


  • We Can’t Sleep At Night (2008)
  • Dej še kazga zbudte pa ga sabo vzemte (2009)