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Gala hala
Masarykova 24, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 431 7063
Katarina Deskovič, Venue Manager, Promoter, Booker, PR

Phone386 (0) 41 813 627

Gala Hala 2014 Dubzilla Photo Masa Gojic.jpgDubzilla concert at Gala Hala at the Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Zone in Ljubljana

Gala Hala is a concert venue run by KAPA Association for Cultural and Artistic Production at Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Centre. It hosts around 140 shows in a typical year, including concerts, DJ events, exhibitions, video screenings, and multimedia happenings. Events held at this venue are of all genres, from reggae, hip-hop, punk, hardcore, rock, rock'n'roll, metal, dub, and ambient, to trip-hop, break-beat and drum'n'bass. Performing musicians mainly originate from the more underground music scenes.

The venue holds a maximum of 350 people.


Gala Hala is a prolific concert and event venue maintained and promoted by KAPA Association for Cultural and Artistic Production, which has been an active and important part of Slovene independent alternative culture since 1994. From this time onwards, Gala Hala hosted a myriad of concerts and other events connected to arts and music.

The largest club at Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Centre, it hosts many of the more attention-grabbing concerts in Ljubljana. Among the frequent visitors to Gala Hala are, for example, Dub Trio, Lydia Lunch, The Skatalites, The Slackers, Kultur Shock etc. Some of its events are co-produced by Druga godba Ljubljana, Ljubljana Jazz Festival, the Stiropor Collective, MENT Ljubljana and Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture.


Regular shows featured at Gala Hala include: Rapetek (hiphop concerts held every last Friday of the month); Zeleno sonce (funk events every first Friday of the month); Dub Club (electro-dub concerts); Domorodni četrtki (Native Thursdays, presenting up-and-coming Slovene bands, also featuring Pozor! Nov bend na vidiku! (Attention! New Band Emerging!), which highlights young foreign bands on their first gigs in Slovenia); Vroč Korak (Hot step, live and DJ event oriented in blues, r’n’r, swing, r’n’b music), Poslušalnica 69 (DJ curator makes a selection of 69 albums, with a final mix then created by the audience); and some others, including frequent punk rock gigs.

Gala Hala is a vibrant meeting place of adventurers, travellers, and music lovers of various convictions. It's a perfect Friday night getaway and a year-round haven for serious music fans.

Gala Hala Summer Stage & Summer Garden

Gala Hala Summer Stage (Letni oder Gala Hale) & Summer garden is a grand outdoor performance area behind the Gala Hala venue that can host up to 900 attendees. Both more demanding shows and easy going summer events take place here, usually in a rather relaxed atmosphere. The summer stage & garden season usually extends from May until October.

Gala Hala 2014 Summer garden Photo Masa Gojic.jpgGala Hala Summer garden venue, at the Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Zone in Ljubljana

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