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The History of Slovenia – [] portal has been established as part of activities carried out by the Research Infrastructure of Slovenian Historiography which is part of the Institute of Contemporary History. The Sistory portal is an online system of Slovenian historiography, which not only enables access to historical content relevant for the study of Slovenian history but also offers the possibility to create research data and use it in a research environment.

The portal provides quick, easy, free and open access to verified digital and digitized material which is freely available under Creative Commons licenses. It contains, with regulated copyrights, freely accessible publications of many Slovenian magazines and monographs, census data, casualty lists from both world wars and other digitalised written material in the field of Slovene historical records, research data, archival and printed sources.

They are also creators of the Historical citation index (HCI) which is a database of citations from the Slovenian historical monographs, the main scientific journals and magazines which are classified into the category "history" by the UDC standard or they can be found in the COBISS - Slovene Virtual Library catalogue by the keyword "history". In 2011, the Institute for Ethnic Studies joined the Institute of Contemporary History in entering citations in the database, followed by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia in 2012 and Department of Musicology, University of Ljubljana in 2013 thus including to the HCI also the publications from a broader area of humanities and social sciences.

The portal also contains a photo archive of death masks, established under the project The Casting of Death research which is part of the TRACES, Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritage with the Arts project, supported by the European Commission (Horizon 2020).

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