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Contact info
Galerija ZDSLU
Komenskega 8, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 433 0464
Fax386 (0) 1 434 9462
Managed bySlovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies (ZDSLU)
Aleš Sedmak, President
Phone386 (0) 41 770 014 (mobile)
Olga Butinar Čeh, Public Relations
Petra Kosi, ZDSLU Gallery
Phone386 (0) 1 433 0464

The ZDSLU Gallery on Komenskega Street in Ljubljana was established by the Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies (ZDSLU) in 1979 and hosts individual and smaller group exhibitions, presentations of graphic portfolios and various cycles. The gallery also has a permanent collection, selections from which are exhibited on a rotational basis in its newer section.


The Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies Gallery generally hosts exhibitions of established artists. The garden of ZDSLU at the same address is also used as an exhibition venue which enables outdoor installations or presentations of sculptures like Jiři Kočica's Socialised Sculpture or Nuša Lapajne Čuri's Spatial Systems displayed in 2011. In 2010 the Gallery Garden hosted Nina Koželj's The Garden of Delights and Bojan Mavsar's Homo Europeanus, BUG OŠA SO VIŠAD.

Among others solo exhibitions ZDSLU Gallery presented Paintings and Objects, a painting exhibition by Janko Orača in 2011. The same year the gallery hosted an exhibition of Štefan Galič as part of the accompanying programme of the International Ceramics Triennial Unicum 2012.

The ZDSLU Gallery often presents small- or medium-sized artifacts in different techniques. An exhibition of a section of illustrators of ZDSLU Kvari, kuarići, ćubi, ćubići (depictions of folk songs) was presented in December 2011 including illustrations by Milan Erič, Vesna Čadež, Darja Lovak Lobnikar, etc.

Every year the Ljubljana Fine Artists Association organises an exhibition which open ons the Museums on a Summer Night event and includes guided tours of the exhibition guided. In 2011 Anja Kranjc, Katja Oblak, Katja Smerdu, and Tanja Milharčič presented their work related to our awareness of the concept of cyclicality and related ongoing transformations PREHOD – ITI which was accompanied by a sound installation by Ram Cunta and Andrej Kobal. In 2010 the visitors of this Slovene-wide evening of free museum activities could see Jože Stražar Kiyohara's Pro hominibus et terra.

Curated exhibitions

In 2009 the ZDSLU Gallery hosted the exhibition of the Ljubljana Fine Artists Association: Art Fetish curated by Nadja Zgonik where artists in different ways discussed the concept of fetish and the object as the carrier of meaning in a work of art. Barbara Sterle Vurnik curated Two way, Hovering Memories, and Coffee in the Garden.

Other activities

Besides exhibitions of the members of ZDSLU the Gallery Garden in August 2011 hosted children's art workshops organised by Pionirski dom Youth Culture Centre. The workshops were led by Iztok Amon, Sara Filipovič, Matic Karča, and Nina Koželj and concluded by an exhibition of the works created in clay and plaster.

Exhibition space

  • dimensions: Western Room: 21m² (4.3m x 4.9m x 3m H) incorporating 12 linear metres of wall space; Eastern Room: 22.5m² (4.6m x 4.9m x 3m H) incorporating 15 linear metres of wall space; Southern Room: 13.7m² (5.7m x 2.4m x 3m H), incorporating 7 linear metres of wall space
  • installation system: Nielsen hanging system, hammer-and-nail system, sculpture pedestals also available
  • lighting: spotlights
  • climate control: none
  • security: security system installed
  • sales policy: sales by appointment

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