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Contact info
Stripartnica Buch
Cesta v Mestni log 55, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 283 4277, 386 (0) 41 681 646
Aleksander Buh, Director
Online accounts:
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Past Events
  • 25 January to 28 January 2018
    Stripburger (Strip Core) comics presented by David Krančan, Bojan Albahari and Tanja Skale, the curator Matjaž Brulc, and Stripartnica Buch represented by Anže Buh and authors Izar Lunaček and Nejc Juren. at the Angoulême International Comics Festival at BD Alternative Pavillion in Angoulême, France
  • 3 June to 16 November 2014
    Slovene comics showcased at the exhibition 100 years in the Balkans: The comic strip in resistance, coorganised by EPeKa Scientific and Research Association, Stripartnica Buch at The Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels, Belgium
  • 12 April to 8 May 2013
    An exhibition of Slovene comic books coorganised by EPeKa Scientific and Research Association and Stripartnica Buch at Škola primijenjene umjetnosti i dizajna in Osijek, Croatia

Opened in February 2004 at Murgle Shopping Centre, Ljubljana's first store for comic books focuses on comics from the former Yugoslavia by publishers such as Marketprint, Bookglobe, Strip Agent, Systemcomics and Stripburger/Forum Ljubljana. Stripartnica Buch purchases around 800 titles annually, the new monthly incoming titles are regularly published on the website. The bookstore also carries a subscription to the Serbian magazine Stripoteka, along with products from publishing houses across Europe and the United States. Second hand comics are also sold here.


Occasionally Stripartnica also publishes special editions such as the Slovene version of Tomaž Lavrič's Le Serment from the Decalogue series, originally published in French by Glénat éditions. Buch has also re-released the legendary comic book collection by well known Slovene author Miki Muster. Buch also published specialized integral version of famous Slovene comic book Hardfuckers by Zoran Smiljanić.

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