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Jurij Šuhel
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In 2007 most of the collaborators left The Stroj to form StrojMachine, a collective focused on delivering a more mechanic tribal sound. Today, StrojMachine is a collective of 14 percussionists, instrumentalists, and music creators who have been exploring a wide range of possibilities of their musical expression. Industrial pop may not sound very compatible at first, but Strojmachine seem to have nailed it perfectly with this unlikely combination of genres.

Video of StrojMachine performing live.


StrojMachine have been heavily influenced by the DIY principle since their inception. They are distinguished for making their own instruments out of tin, plastic, iron, and other waste materials. Sometimes it's a found object that already makes for an instrument and sometimes an instrument is a result of protracted explorations of enthusiasts and constructors within the collective. The most famous instruments they have constructed are the Organ (a mechanical construction that produces sound using electricity, gas, and air pressure) and the Harp (an electric string instrument made out a Nissan motor engine).


Mesmerising, tribal, and trance-inducing are probably the first associations when one is thinking about the StrojMachine's music and performances. These are not the only distinctive merits of their performance though. The spellbinding rhythms are enhanced by spectacular light effects and pyrotechnics. They operate somewhere between the genres of mechanical dub, trance, ethno music, and a certain degree of minimalism. Utilising all of the above attributes they have played many spectacular shows in Slovenia and abroad and have also collaborated with theatre performers, movie makers, and painters to deliver their music vision to a wide spectre of audiences. Always on the edge of an experimentation, they still manage to provide a most enjoyable listening experience that will take possession of all of the human senses.


  • Vacuum EP (2009)

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