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Contact info
Nagrada TESLA
Rožna dolina cesta II/36, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Founded byMoTA Museum of Transitory Art
Neja Tomšič, MoTA projects coordinator

Designed to facilitate the realisation of new artworks, the TESLA Award is actually a curious mix of an award, a grant and a residency. The recipient is given not only a financial reward but also offered production and technical support, a residency space and an organised exhibition. First awarded in 2017, TESLA straddles the fields of new media and interdisciplinary arts.

The award is initiated by MoTA Museum of Transitory Art as a part of the Artecitya platfrom, a Creative Europe enterprise. In 2017 a research residency at the MoTA LAB in Ljubljana is complemented by a 6-8 weeks residency at the V2_Lab for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam.


An acronym for Transdisciplinary Explorative Slovenian Art Award, the name TESLA is also alluding to Nikola Tesla, a maverick innovator and thinker born in 1856 in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The award is firmly rooted in an understanding of the needs of the artistic field in the Balkan region, where a thorough and consistent institutional support for such artistic endeavours is somewhat lacking. One of the aims is thus to improve the conditions of artistic production, with another important dimension being that of forefronting younger, yet unrecognised artists in the early stages of their career.

The applicants – who must be under 35 years old – should apply with new, previously unrealised project ideas. In 2017 they must be Slovenians, but in the years to follow people from the wider region will also be invited to enter the competition.

Awarded projects and artworks

One can enter with pieces such as Interactive Sculptures, Generative and AV Installations, Sound Art, AV projects, Kinetic Artworks, Light Art, Tactical Media and other forms of art combining traditional and digital media. The winner is selected by an international jury.

The realised artwork become a part of the Impermanent MoTA Collection. By applying, the artist grants permission to MoTA to exhibit the work locally and internationally. Also, the new artwork will be presented at the City Museum of Ljubljana, a partner at the project.

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