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Managed byTrajekT, Institute for Spatial Culture
Anja Planišček, Head
Anja Koršič Mravlje, Editor
Maša Ogrin, Editor
Aleksander Vujović, Editor
Meta Kutin, Editor
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Since it was launched in 2003 has become the most popular and most up-to-date source of information about architecture, spatial planning, and urban affairs in Slovenia. The website developed by TrajekT, Institute for Spatial Culture aims to encourage a sound and argued democratic discourse about different projects in Slovenian cities and rural areas.

Trajekt online is open to anybody interested in publishing news, articles and photos related to spatial culture, life in built environments, architecture, landscape architecture, town planning, design, and related matters. Comments on the national and municipal policies regarding architecture and planning, critics of the projects, and news about architectural events are published on the Internet and sent to subscribers every 2nd week.

The portal contains an online archive of interesting contributions and projects like Architectural Guide, as well as databases of architecture studios, magazines, and organisations.

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