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Contact info
Knjižnica Velenje
Šaleška 21, SI-3320 Velenje
Phone386 (0) 3 898 2550
Fax386 (0) 3 898 2569
Founded byMunicipality of Velenje
Vlado Vrbič, Director
Phone386 (0) 3 8982 563
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The Velenje Library was established in 1962; the roots of librarianship in the Šaleška dolina valley, however, reach back to 1854. It runs branches in Šmartno ob Paki and Šoštanj. As a cultural and information centre, the library organises an array of events and activities for all generations of library-goers. Children can attend story-telling hours, creative workshops, and courses in using the libraries resources. Teenagers are invited to participate in the debate and book club, whereas adults can take part in literary evenings, lectures, literary tea parties, and educational events. A notable service of the Velenje Library is Biblio 24, a fully automated kiosk, where users can borrow and return books 24/7. Home book delivery caters to users who are unable to visit the library due to medical, physical, or age limitations. The library also manages a local collection department, featuring materials on the region.

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