Velenje Youth Centre (MC Velenje)


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Contact info
Mladinski center Velenje (MC Velenje)
Šaleška cesta 3, SI-3320 Velenje
Phone386 (0) 3 898 1920
Fax386 (0) 3 898 1924
ProprietorVelenje Urban Municipality
Marko Pritržnik, Director
Phone386 (0) 3 898 1922
Marko Milešič Šerdonerk, Project Manager
Online accounts:

Velenje Youth Centre runs a regular programme of performing arts, intermedia arts, literature and visual arts activities with the aim of informing, imparting knowledge and experience, developing positive values and encouraging free-time social gathering by children and youth, especially the young unemployed. Self-recognition and confirmation, tolerance and creativity is encouraged through a range of team activities.

The Centre incorporates a Gallery where the visitors are afforded the opportunity to relate to various forms of art, and an Auditorium which hosts a unique concert series - the only one of its kind in the region - which endeavours to link alternative forms of music with ways of expression and pleasure. Rock and jazz is currently being explored with the participation of both local and foreign musicians. Since 2010 the MC Velenje manages also the centre of alternative music in Velenje and a popular hangout place, the Klub eMCe plac.

The Centre also accommodates the Kunigunda Regional Multimedia Centre (KRMC), part of the M3C Multimedia Centres Network of Slovenia which covers the Savinja (River) Region in East Slovenia.

Since 2000 Velenje Youth Centre has collaborated with the Šaleški študentski klub (the local student club) in the organisation of the Kunigunda Festival of Young Cultures. All entertainment is free of charge.

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