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Contact info
Kunigunda, Festival mladih kultur, Velenje
Šaleška cesta 3, SI-3320 Velenje
Phone386 (0) 3 898 1922, 386 (0) 3 898 1920
Fax386 (0) 3 898 1924
Organised byVelenje Youth Centre (MC Velenje)
Frequencyannual (2019 not confirmed)
Festival dates21.8.2015 - 29.8.2015
19.8.2016 - 27.8.2016
25.8.2017 - 2.9.2017
24.8.2018 - 1.9.2018
23.8.2019 - 31.8.2019
Marko Pritržnik, Director
Phone386 (0) 3 898 19 22
Maruša Skornišek, Head of Programme
Vid Stropnik, Head of Public relations
Online accounts:
twitter  facebook  youtube  

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The Kunigunda Festival of Young Cultures is a summer festival that happens in the city of Velenje. As its name partly implies, the festival puts a special emphasis on the presentation and promotion of younger Slovene artists, though it us also open to artists of other generations and/or from abroad. The festival's extremely varied programme features current happenings in the field of non-commercial arts as well as events for children, various sports activities, and some occasional mainstream-profiled acts. Thanks to its imaginative programming and its integration into the urban fabric of the city, Kunigunda is one of the more popular regional or "city" festivals in Slovenia.

The festival was launched in 2000 by Velenje Youth Centre (MC Velenje) in cooperation with the local student club, Šaleški študentski klub. Its venues are many and mainly open-air, yet can also include the Velenje Castle, the Velenje Youth Centre (MC Velenje), and the Club eMCe plac.


The programme is conceptually wide and diverse, comprising music, visual arts, contemporary dance, theatre, puppetry, sculptural installations, documentary film and video screenings, literary evenings, new media art events, lectures, and art auctions. The events are spread throughout the city, from its parks and streets (and even its lake) to the main stage in the city centre, the local skate park and the Pekarna exhibitions grounds (a venue created at the site of an abandoned industrial building in the course of a past festival edition).

There are also other, more temporary interventions into urban space like setting up artist residencies at floating dwellings on the local lake and transforming one of the city parks into a creative polygon. The streets also hold theatre shows and arts performances (for example, Pocestnica by KUD Ljud), slack-line and roller-blade gatherings, photography exhibitions, and so on.

The festival also holds lectures on topics like the American poet Walt Whitman, appearances of artists like Dragan Živadinov, workshops on sound sculpting and other arts performances and installations that are rather atypical for this type of a festival.


Music-wise, there is combination of well-known local and foreign musicians like Lombego Surfers (US), Let 3 (HR), Kultur Shock (US), Disciplin A Kitschme (RS), Senser (UK) Bambi Molesters (HR), Damir Avdić (BA), Kiril Džajkovski (MK), Terrafolk, Demolition Group, Srečna mladina and Noctiferia. This relatively rock-oriented programme is accompanied by many upcoming and fresh musicians of diverse musical expressions (jazz, electronica, reggae, etc.), coupled with a very strong hip hop focus with artists like General Woo (HR), Elemental (HR), Kiša metaka (HR), High 5 (HR) and even a national competition in beat boxing.

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