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Trubarjeva 76a, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Phone386 (0) 41 937 631
Aleš Vaupotič, President

Ceased to exist

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Active since 2000 ArtNetLab is an autonomous producer for new media and computer arts in Slovenia. An experimental unit, it connects art and science, through the presentation of techno-performances which utilise interactive devices, projects developed as open source art, and interactive Internet-based art video projects.

Many of the projects of ArtNetLab have been developed in collaboration with mentors Franc Solina and Srečo Dragan from the Computer Vision Laboratory at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, respectively. ArtNetLab also collaborates with research and scientific institutions such as the Jožef Stefan Institute and other organisations.


The first projects were made by Dominik Križan, Robert Černelč, Miha Perčič, Dušan Bučar and Klavdij Zalar. ArtNetLab Society for Connecting Art and Science was formally established in 2003 with Dušan Bučar as president. The current president is Aleš Vaupotič and the co-president is Narvika Bovcon.

ArtNetLab enables young new media artists to develop their projects using the latest information technologies and participate in various new media arts festivals in Slovenia and abroad. Included among the artists who have exhibited with ArtNetLab are Eclipse, Tobias Putrih, Žiga Kariž, Grejpfrut, Kitch, Boštjan Kavčič, Gašper Jemec, Iztok Amon, etc.

ArtNetLab is now focused on exhibitions abroad and the society's membership has expanded beyond students. Active in recent years are Narvika Bovcon, Aleš Vaupotič, Tilen Žbona, Vanja Mervič, Klemen Gorup, Gorazd Krnc, Dominik Mahnič, Evelin Stermitz, Marko Glavač, Peter Ciuha, etc.

Projects and festivals

One of the most important projects realised by ArtNetLab is Mouseion Serapeion, the first acting video archive in Slovenia, made by Narvika Bovcon and Aleš Vaupotič in 2004. Since 2008 ArtNetLab is less connected with the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, organising only a few exhibitions with students from the Academy of Fine Arts participating: Move! in 2008, Data and Objects in 2009, Real lies of painting, 2011.

A significant part of ArtNetLab production consists of festivals. It has collaborated with the International Festival of Computer Arts (IFCA) in Maribor since 2000 (Big Brother is Watching You, N. Y. Shock Society, Friendly Fire). It was the main producer (in collaboration with MKC Maribor Youth Culture Centre) of IFCA from 2004–2006. Together with the City Art Museum Ljubljana and Kinodvor Cinema, ArtNetLab organised also the 1.3 Festival of Video and New Media Art (2007).

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