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Café Teater
Miklošičeva 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 252 7108, 386 (0) 1 252 7109
Vita Mavrič, Artistic Director
Past Events
  • 10 Dec 2012

    Italy Trieste/Trst Slovene Permanent Theatre in Trieste


    Aldo and Micika, produced by Café Teater,

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In 2014 Vita Mavrič organised the exhibitition at the National and University Library dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Café Teater and declared that she closes the Café Teater and the La Vie en Rose Festival of Chanson. See below the archival article.

Archival article

Established in 1994 by singer and actress Vita Mavrič, Café Teater used to be primarily a series of a high quality music and theatre programmes, including concerts of local and international artists, cabaret shows, and chanson evenings. Aiming for an artistic as well as an entertaining experience, Café Teater's music productions were always spiced up with a dash of theatre. Nowadays, Café Teater functions only as a sporadic production unit.

Café Teater venues

Café Teater was located in an old-style coffee house of the Union Hotel, built during the Austro-Hungarian epoch in the centre of Ljubljana. A venue that offered both an artistic experience and a unique social happening hosted a programme focusing on genres such as cabaret, light comedy, and musical drama. Later on the Cafe Theatre moved into the Nebotičnik building (Ljubljana Skyscraper).

La Vie en Rose Festival of Chanson

Café Teater had for many years, since 2001, promoted the development of the Slovene chanson, which has resulted in the highly successful project La Vie en Rose International Evening of Chansons. Its last edition took place in 2015.

Overview of music theatre production

Altogether, Café Teater produced more than 30 music and/or theatre shows. One of its significant and toured productions included Vita Mavrič's theatre concert Yearnings – Brecht [Hrepenenja – Brecht] (2006), co-produced with Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL), which was produced on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bertolt Brecht's death, featuring nine songs by Kurt Weill, which are interwoven with the theme of yearning and desire (Jani Kovačič as a guest).

Lara Jankovič's monodrama Like Me [Kot jaz] (2008) based on the turbulent life of Edith Piaf and directed by Zijah A. Sokolović was co-produced by B-51 Cultural Society and Integrali Cultural Association. Cuba Libre &nash; Cabaret of the Golden Years [Kiba Libre &nash; kabare zlatih let] (2009) was performed by the actress and interpreter Lara Jankovič and Gregor Strniša.

In 2008, Café Teater initiated the collaborative project Theatre Under the Clouds [Teater pod oblaki] with Cankarjev dom Culture and Congress Centre. Each Friday and Saturday, Theatre Under the Clouds presented the most attractive music and theatre performances at the Cankarjev dom Club.


Although its productions primarily include musical projects, Café Teater also produces comedies and political satires, in which it collaborates with distinguished Slovene (comedy) directors, such as Vinko Möderndorfer, Branko Đurić, etc. Its productions included the satire Separate Waste [Ločeni odpadki] (2009), directed by Jaša Kobal, tackling delicate national issues and stereotypes through black humour, the satirical mono-comedy Who Did This Job For You [Kdo vam je pa to delu] (2007), featuring Boris Kobal, etc. These productions were widely presented throughout Slovenia, usually with great success.

Music programme

The music programme has presented authors such as the jazz singer Mia Žnidarič, folk singer Adi Smolar, the group Ira Roma (Russian folk songs), the group Bossa de Novo, Klarisa Jovanović, etc.

Café Teater also presented a number of internationally renowned artists. Thus, it presented in 2009 the concert of Jacques Brel's songs performed by Mouron and Terry Truck, who have already appeared at the Café Teater's La Vie en Rose International Evening of Chansons in 2008, a rock concert With Love, Janis [Z ljubeznijo, Janis] by the Zagreb-based Theatre Comedy, Croatia, featuring an amazing interpreter of Janis Joplin Zdenka Kovačiček, the evening of chanson with Clara Moreau, etc.

International appearances

Café Teater's productions are widely presented throughout Slovenia and have also appeared at the Brecht Hause in Berlin; at Brno International Music Festival; in Teater Akzent in Vienna; in Teater Diligentia, the Hague; Joakiminterfest, Serbia; Golden Knight, Russia; etc.

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