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As the name implies, Bossa de Novo – founded in 2005 – moves within the legacy of Brazilian musical expression, the bossa nova. Albeit faithful to bossa nova standards, they do import local elements like Slovene poems, various popular songs, and also a specific sound, that stems from their own musical sensibility. Singing in Portuguese, French, Italian, Slovene and Serbo-Croatian languages, the band leader Primož Vitez makes all of these languages an equally fitting media for the soft and sensual bossa nova vocalisation.

A recording of their song "Selma", which is a reworking of a Yugo-rock classic by Bijelo Dugme.

Other members of the band are Aljoša Kosor (guitar), Marko Gregorič (bass), Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar (percussion), and Sergej Randjelović (percussion, voice). Till now, they have released two albums. The first one, released by Goga Music in 2006, is called Vivo!, while the second one, which came out in 2009, was published by DruGod and titled Nova [New]. Among a number of concerts, they have played on the stages of Druga Godba Festival, Kamfest, Carniola Festival, and Cankarjev dom, and have also been guests on the popular radio show Izštekani on Val 202, hosted by Jure Longyka.


When Primož Vitez travelled to Brazil in 2003, he almost unintentionally recorded a series of songs with the guitarist Willians Pereiro. He named the songs "Bossa de novo" and brought the recordings home as a gift for his close ones. Finding a strong affinity for bossa nova, he started to sporadically collaborate with Fake Orchestra, contributing his musical sensibilities to their colourful collage of world musics. With time, he felt the need to plunge more fully into the genre, so he founded Bossa de Novo.

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