Krastival Open Air Festival

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Krastival Open Air Festival

Organised byKUD SubArt
Festival dates30.6.2017 - 1.7.2017

The last edition of the evnt took place in 2017.

Archival article

Krastival Open Air Festival has taken place in the town of Komen, in the Kras region near the Slovenian-Italian border, since 2006. It is a relatively small but persistent international music festival that always brings to its stage a numerous and varied host of punk, hardcore, metal and crust-oriented bands. It usually lasts two days and besides live concerts offers free camping, music stalls, performances and a genuinely friendly atmosphere. The festival's name is a word-play on the region of Karst (Kras in Slovenian) and crust punk music.

The festival, which had a two year hiatus in 2011 and 2012, has hosted a huge number of bands from Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland, USA, Germany, and Canada. Among them: Iamdisease, Human Error, Warfare, Gomora, Đornata, Extreme Smoke 57, Bloody Phoenix, Dickless Tracy, Bolesno grinje, Ambonker, Hard charger, and Culto Del Cargo.

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