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Iamdisease, formed in 2009, is a hardcore band whose music is influenced by a crossover of sludge, crust, and metal. The band members consist of four guys, Ivo Lozej, Marko Rusjan, Jan Č. Terbižan, Tomaž Ušaj-Riki, who have been active in the Slovene hardcore scene since its beginnings in the 1990s, whether through organising shows, writing 'zines (13. brat, Storm Inside), having a distribution of hardcore releases, or playing in bands such as Elodea, The Hoax Program, Kennybal Smith, Low Punch, Man in the Shadow, and A Murder Theory. Their music is dark and furious, while the lyrics, screamed in Slovenian about humanity's and society's weaknesses, are nevertheless hopeful.

Iamdisease have had several concerts in Slovenia and Croatia. So far they have self-released a demo album Demo MMX with four songs (2010) and have been a part of a CD compilation Od Soče do Korna vol. 2 (2010, Masovna).

Three of the band's members contribute written reports, essays and more on 13brat.net.

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