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Moonlee Records & Booking
Križevniška ulica 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Miran Rusjan, Label and Booking Manager

Moonlee Records is an independent record label based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Established in 2004, the label's discography so far includes more than 60 releases from artists from the Balkan region, ranging from screamo, post-hardcore and post-punk to alternative and garage rock, amtospheric post-rock explorations and electronica.

Moonlee Records is considered one of the most important and influential independent record labels in the Balkan region, particularly in countries that were part of former Yugoslavia. Its rosters includes internationally acclaimed bands and artists like Repetitor, KOIKOI, Moveknowledgement, LELEE, SEINE, ŽEN, Gazorpazorp, Damir Avdić, Analena, Nikki Louder, Debeli Precjednik and many more.


Mr. Moonlee respresents some of the finest bands from the former Yugoslavia region (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia). Its roster consists of names like the Serbian garage rock phenomenon Repetitor, rising Serbian indie rock act KOIKOI, Slovenian indie quartet LELEE, Slovenian psycedelic rock veterans Moveknowledgement, Serbian garage rock youngsters Gazorpazorp, Croatian singer-songwriter/electronic music project SEINE and many more.

Covering almost 20 years of independent music production in the Balkan region, the label's roster also incudes now inactive legendary bands like Bernays Propaganda, Borghesia, Analena, In-Sane, Xaxaxa, Psycho-Path, Vuneny and many more. These are just some of the names that Moonlee Records has released and promoted over the years.

The Moonlee Records team is comprised of people who have gained many experiences performing different roles in the world of music – playing in bands, booking bands, organizing shows & festivals, PR, etc. They have provided the know-how of a young band’s needs and the bigger picture about how things work out there.}}

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