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  • 21 Apr 2012


    5 May 2012



    In-Sane tour in Zagreb, Obrassano, Barberaz, Tours, Langenau, Swinoujscie, Poznan, Szczytno and Lipovo

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The Slovene hardcore band In-Sane was established in 1997 in Gornja Radgona. The trio has been an important part of the Slovene hardcore scene ever since. They've played numerous concerts abroad and toured internationally and are also adamant in their passion for animal and human rights, political engagement, friendship, and travelling.

Youtube clip for "At the Break of New Dawn" from In-Sane's 2009 album Trust These Hands ... Are Worthless.


In-Sane are a punk-rock/hardcore band whose beginnings date back to 1997. Influenced by the Californian punk scene and bands active at that time, they formed in the town of Gornja Radgona. After a few initial line-up changes, they established themselves as a trio featuring Dario (guitar, vocals), Mateja (bass, vocals), and Shaggie (drums). They carved their own musical path and started playing a variation of punk-rock characterised as heart-core which implies the emotional component of their expression. They played numerous concerts and in 2005 released their début album Keeping Ourselves Close to Our Hearts which opened up European stages to them. They eagerly grabbed this opportunity and uncompromisingly toured all over Europe and thus considerably extended their fan base. In-Sane are firm believers in the D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) principle and they incorporated those convictions when working on their next record Trust These Hands ... Are Worthless. They celebrated their 15-year anniversary in 2012 with the slogan "15 Years of Fucking Up" but they seem to have done everything right in paving their musical path with honesty, passion, and an indispensable rebellious vibe of punk-rock music.


In-Sane's album Trust These Hands ... Are Worthless is a result of cooperation between various European independent record labels: Moonlee Records (Slovenia), Fond Of Life Records (Germany), No Reason Records (Italy), Shield Recordings (Holland), and Bad Mood Records (Switzerland). This once again enabled them to present their music to likely listeners all over Europe and was followed by new tours in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK. Their albums have been reviewed in domestic and international media and they have built hearty friendships with Slovene bands Strike A Fire, Not Yet, Real Life Version, Harry, and Low Value.

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