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The name of the band Analena comes from the ancient Sanskrit language, meaning "like/by the fire". Their music escapes the genres of post-punk, noise, emo or hardcore. The Zagreb-based band with a member from Slovenia has been promoted by Moonlee Records independent music publisher.

Despite the fact that Analena's sound evades typical music genres, their music is recognisable by Ana's protruding screaming vocals and the interplay of guitar cut yet catchy melodies. Their lyrics are short, but sweet. While being regular guests on both Slovene and Croatian stages, Analena has played hundreds of concerts all over Europe with having a strong fan base in Eastern Europe. They have performed twice on one of the biggest independent hardcore festivals in Europe, Fluff Fest in Czech Republic.


During the band's existence Analena's line-up has undergone some changes. Their beginnings go back to Zagreb in 1997 when the guitarist Mijo, bassist Six and drummer Zet formed a band. A year later vocalist Ana joined them and almost after four more years a Slovene guitarist, Miran, joined the band as the second guitarist and back vocalist. This line-up remained intact and active for almost a decade until 2006 when Six left the band. After a several-month hiatus Analena started to perform again, first with a substitute bassist and later with Ana not only as a vocalist, but a bassist too. Analena has released and performed as a four-piece ever since.


Analena's first releases were distributed by smaller foreign underground record companies (Get Off Records, Interstellar Records, Libber Tea Records, and Mesmerized Records). Their début album Arhythmetics was released in 2001, while the cassette version was released in 2003. In 2001 and 2002 they released two split CDs and EPs with the Serbian band Unison and the Austrian band Sensual Love. The second album Carbon Based was released on Moonlee Records, which was founded by Miran and Six from Analena, and Bojan from the Croatian band Lunar. Carbon Based has been well received among Analena's fan base and is consequently sold out. Because of further line-up changes, the third album Inconstantinopolis followed after a couple of years in 2009.

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The name of the band Analena comes from the ancient Sanskrit language, meaning "like/by the fire". +
The name of the band Analena comes from the ancient Sanskrit language, meaning "like/by the fire". +
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