Krastival Open Air Festival


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Krastival Open Air Festival
Organised byKUD SubArt
 Vaška skupnost Komen
Festival dates6.9.2013 - 7.9.2013
11.7.2014 - 12.7.2014
17.7.2015 – 18.7.2015
24.6.2016 – 25.6.2016
30.6.2017 - 1.7.2017
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Krastival Open Air Festival has taken place in the town of Komen, in the Kras region near the Slovenian-Italian border, since 2006. It is a relatively small but persistent international music festival that always brings to its stage a numerous and varied host of punk, hardcore, metal and crust-oriented bands. It usually lasts two days and besides live concerts offers free camping, music stalls, performances and a genuinely friendly atmosphere. The festival's name is a word-play on the region of Karst (Kras in Slovenian) and crust punk music.

The festival, which had a two year hiatus in 2011 and 2012, has hosted a huge number of bands from Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland, USA, Germany, and Canada. Among them: Iamdisease, Human Error, Warfare, Gomora, Đornata, Extreme Smoke 57, Bloody Phoenix, Dickless Tracy, Bolesno grinje, Ambonker, Hard charger, and Culto Del Cargo.

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